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Benefit from a dedicated support in the follow-up of your web project. Loai design – Your digital agency for your rise towards success!

Why choose Loai design ?

In order to get a good market share, it is important to understand then prepare for your project. Ideas alone are not enough. This is why agencies play an important role in the development of online marketing strategy.

Whether it’s in web development, mobile applications, online advertising or social media… our web agency guides you towards guaranteed success.

Website creation

Our agency is ready to guide you from the creation of your website to the publication of your first web page, like the case of With the help of CMS like WordPress, get a customized website!

E-commerce website

Specialist in the creation of E-commerce websites, enjoy the know-how to boost the visibility of your website!


Display cases and catalogs

Creator of showcase site, make known your activity by presenting your company thanks to a showcase site!

Company blog

Enrich the content of your website with a corporate blog designed by expert teams!

Google Search Engine Optimization

Do you intend to appear in the first results of search engines?


Local SEO

Optimize your visibility through search engine optimization. A useful and efficient way to attract quality traffic.


Display Advertising

Get more leads with a display ad. Image, video, attract the attention of Internet users easily!


Google Ads

Reach your targets and benefit from numerous opportunities through Google ads – An optimal digital strategy!

Digital marketing

Start your digital marketing project with recognized experts in their fields.

Inbound marketing

Inbound marketing

Strengthen your online presence with inbound marketing techniques in order to increase your sales.

Marketing automation

Improve your ROI with marketing automation and save time with campaign reporting.

Marketing video

Improve your SEO with video marketing and provide quality images over your competitors.

Digital communication plan

Take control over your visual identity

Push & Pull

Push & Pull, a successful marketing strategy

It takes creativity to persuade potential customers to buy. Push-pull marketing is becoming increasingly important in modern communication strategies. The objective of push strategies is to motivate customers to buy, while the objective of pull strategies is to attract consumers to the brand.

The choice of one or the other depends on the objectives of your company. Rely on our web agency to help you make the right decision.

Social networks

Want to develop your company’s image? Campaign on social networks, opt for this viral marketing tool to promote your reputation!

Community management

Community management

Gain popularity by using community management. An essential social media strategy tool!

Social marketing

Target your prospects with precision thanks to social selling. An undeniable asset for your business!

Branding Content

Engage your potential customers with branding content. A solid and foolproof content strategy!

User experience, a strategic priority

User experience is an important part of marketing strategy. It has become an integral part of providing customers with the best possible experience. A good UX design or UI design is a real driver of customer loyalty and conversions.

By optimizing your website like in terms of ergonomics, loading speed and graphic elements, you can make your customers more comfortable.